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all my pilgrimage's library (pdf)

The nearly complete guides' set

These books are written by pilgrims for pilgrims and are nearly complete set. The are fitted to be taken in your rucksack, they are cheap and updated. At last, they contain mainly practical and immediately useful data.
In English : the guides of the Confraternity of Saint James In French : the guides of François Lepère Editions

Le guide du pèlerin de Saint Jacques de Compostelle
Jeanne Vielliard d'après "Aimery Picaud"
Librairie philosophique J. Vrin, 1997
ISBN 2-7116-9109-8
First testimony on the Santiago routes. Epics and pleasants sections with stages of 70km. A superpilgrim !
Sur les chemins de Compostelle
Patrick Huchet & Yvon Boëlle
Editions Ouest-France, 1999
ISBN 2-7373-2531-5
20x27/254 pages
If you feel as nostalgic as me when leafing this book you will have to go on the Camino.
Nevertheless, the text aren't so attractive. If the first one is a pilgrim from Le Puy en Velay to Conques testimony ! the others are mainly cultural and historical description.
It also like two different books have been join together.
Via turonensis (Paris-Pyrénées), via lemovicensis (Vézelay-Pyrénées), via podiensis (Le Puy-Pyrénées), via tolosana (Arles-somport), chemin aragonais (somport-Puente la Reina), chemin navarais (Pyrénées-Puente la Reina), camino francés (Puente la Reina-Santiago de Compostella), les chemins de Saint Jacques en Bretagne et le camino primitivo.